Moving castle, 2020
Forest of Dean (38x28x20cm)

Emerge 2020
Marble (37x30x27cm)

Recoil 2020
Marble (69x29x24cm)

Fragment 2019
Forest of Dean (50x23x13cm)

We Can Move Mountains, 2018
Marble (60x30x30cm)

What Does Climate Change Look Like?, 2018
Aust and Landscape Marble (various dimensions)

Conception, 2015
Marble (41x76x60cm)

Dialogue, 2015
Marble (70x100x100cm)

Out of my depth, 2015
Welsh blue penant (50x60x30cm)

Perspective, 2015
Marble (85x43x16cm)

Unravel, 2015
Marble (46x27x30cm)