Casting Shadows- ACEarts- Somerset- 2 March – 6 April

Casting Shadows- ACEarts- Somerset- 2 March – 6 April

Selected members of the Royal Society of Sculptors:

Barbara Beyer, Rosalyn Burgin, Fiona Campbell, Martin Cody, Dallas Collins, Alice Cunningham, Deborah Duffin, Chris Dunseath, Jane Fox, Alice Freeman, Anna Gillespie, Nina Gronw-Lewis, Wen-Hsi Harman, Jane Jobling, Paul Juillerat, Seamus Moran, Susie Olczak, Kate Parsons, Mark Richards, Alice Sheppard-Fiddler, Christopher Summerfield, Jo Taylor, Nicola Turner, Patricia Volk, Tom Waugh, & Hamish Young..

2 March – 6 April

This exhibition celebrates contemporary sculptural practice and its many forms. Sculpture is arguably the most diverse of artistic mediums allowing unrivalled freedom in materials, process, form and scale. Crossing boundaries between architecture, design, manufacturing and craft, sculpture is a constantly evolving art form that pervades our lives like no other.

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